Schedule a Question Session

Schedule a Question Session

If you are feeling unsettled, unsatisfied, or the “winds of change” are blowing, schedule a complimentary 30-minute Question Session with me. The GREATEST benefit of my life coaching is the SPEED at which I help you go from where you are, to where you WANT to be (even if you don’t quite know where that is yet). “Angie – your questions are so powerful. In just 20 minutes, I already feel clearer.” EC, Asheville, NC

Schedule a Question Session

Life Coaching

You’re feeling unsettled, unsatisfied or restless. The “winds of change” might be blowing. You want a trusted coach to help you navigate this uncharted territory. Life coaching with me gets you massive clarity, a plan of action, and renewed energy…often very quickly! LEARN MORE.

Book Coaching

I love book coaching! My genius is helping you figure out the focus of your non-fiction book. Together we’ll craft your outline, create time to get you writing, discuss how the book fits into your business plan, and how to market the thing so people find it, read it, and share it. LEARN MORE.


Watch my keynote address on “Being Bold and Brave, 14 seconds at a Time” at the 3rd Annual WWBC Conference in Asheville. I’ll also be keynoting the 2018 NCAHQ Conference in North Carolina. LEARN MORE.


Make Some Room Master Guides

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