There are some poets who pierce my heart with their words. And when I sit outside and read of their sorrows, their longings, and their open-heartedness, I often sit and weep (I use this word “weep” deliberately because “cry”

Allison Crow starry night sky

A couple of weeks ago, my Facebook friend, Allison, posted about a magical star blessing she received early one morning. I asked for her permission to share her post about this and she said of course. She described what

Joshua Tree

During one of my hikes in Joshua Tree National Park this past October, I was walking along asking Mother Earth, the Universe, etc. what to do about some gifts and talents I’m not using because I’m afraid. I’m standing

an ode to toes

Serious question: have you ever stopped and looked at your toes? For the majority of us, we’ve got 10. Some cats have many more (they are called polydactyl). We mostly don’t notice them unless they’re painted up pretty or

relax and breathe

There’s this thing I do when I’m sitting. I didn’t realize I was doing it until someone sitting across from me asked me about it. She said, “Do you know you’re sitting there with your shoulders hunched up to

Anyone who knows me knows I have a love affair going with my orange cat Hobbes. He bring me so much joy that I fear my heart might explode if I think about it too much. There’s something about

earthing barefoot

When was the last time you walked barefoot outside? Can you remember it? More importantly, do you remember how you felt when you did it? Were you paying attention? There’s a practice called “earthing” that invites people to remove their