At the carwash (or helping my clients get what they want)

At the carwash (or helping my clients get what they want)

helping clients get what they wantMy whole focus going forward is helping my clients get what they want. I discovered this in the strangest of places: the carwash!

See, We’ve had a ton of snow and ice here in the mountains of North Carolina recently. Well, not a ton like they’ve had in Boston, but a fair enough smattering of it to enjoy. And with our temps in the 70’s yesterday, it’s allll gone.

My Subaru has been coated in dust, grime, and road salt for the better part of three weeks, so I decided to run it through the carwash.

As I was sitting there amidst the (probably toxic) bubble-gum scented foam and the whooshing of jets gooshing out obscene amounts of water, I was ruminating on a couple of conversations I’d had recently.

I started out thinking about a brilliant business owner who is struggling with a huge shift in her business. Last year, she realized she wasn’t happy and knew her Soul was asking her to do something different. Something big and scary. Somehow, I popped in her brain as someone to talk it through with.

Pondering Thought #1: I am still surprised when people – especially former clients – call me to talk things through. It happens a lot.

On Friday, I had a very intense email exchange with someone about the book I’m almost finished with. She was asking me a lot of questions about what I wanted for the future. I admit I felt very squirmy and uncomfortable.

Pondering Thought #2: Was I brave enough to admit out loud what I really, really desired for my life and for my business (asked another way: Was I willing to take my own medicine)?

The carwash was going through its second rinse cycle when I started talking out loud to myself.

Pondering Thought #3: I love my clients. I love business. I love working with business-minded people. I love seeing where they are stuck and helping them see it, too. And once they do, they move into aligned action, feeling full of energy, enthusiasm, and often, relief.

At this point, it’s a good thing I paid the full $10.00 for the deluxe wash, because what happened next shot through me like a bolt of electricity and I literally needed a few moments to pull myself together.

Pondering Thought #4: I realized the very simple thing I do is help people get out of their own way. I’m helping my clients get what they want.

That’s what I do for people: I help them get what they want.

People call me because they want something they aren’t getting.

They are hoping for an easy “fix” from me (organization tips, a system or process, or  something else tangible). It’s never “only” about organizations or systems – those are just symptoms. And often, the answer has NOTHING to do with systems/processes or organization.

Pondering Thought #5: there’s just something about me and the safe space I create with clients that gives them permission to voice what they really want. With me, they have permission (and I insist) they be vulnerable and truthful.

And as the carwash ended and the blinking sign insisted I “drive forward,” I realized I had reached the end of some parts of my business. It was time for me to literally and metaphorically “drive forward” into something new.

More to come on this as I change up my messaging, branding, and website in order to more clearly share what my work looks like going forward (and how it can help you get unstuck).

All that being said, I continue to be at your service.

If YOU are struggling, feeling stuck, or spinning your wheels and want to talk something through with me, please sign up for a Clarity Session. You will be amazed what a tremendous difference an hour-long conversation with me can have for you and your business.

Try me.

Make some room,


P.S. A cient and I talked last week. She’s very focused on harnessing the power of her intellectual property for her business. She’s also very focused on self-care, which had fallen dangerously to the wayside. After our day-long session in the fall, she’s happy to report she no longer feels frantic or exhausted. That’s a HUGE WIN in my book!

P.P.S. If YOU are feeling frantic and exhausted all the time, please let me guide you towards a different way of being. Schedule a Clarity Session with me today. Your investment of $150 will be a pittance compared to what you’ll gain.

P.P.P.S. Know someone in business who is struggling? Please, please forward this note to them. I would be honored to be their guide.


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