Business Intuitive or Business Coach? I’m both.

Business Intuitive or Business Coach? I’m both.

Angie Stegall, Business Intuitive

Does it freak you out to think about hiring a business intuitive? If it does, simply think of me as your business coach.

If you’re out there searching for a business coach, you’re probably a business owner or an executive.

You’re searching for a coach because although things are going okay, you’re stuck. Confused. Frustrated. Maybe even feeling really overwhelmed.

At first glance, you might think you need to just get organized. Or perhaps some systems will help you feel more in control.  Maybe you need to hire a personal trainer or even go on vacation?

I’m here to tell you something deeper is going on.

How do I know this?

Because I’ve been through it myself.

For several years, I worked as a professional organizer for business owners. Then I branched out into systems and processes. Things were fine and I was good at my work, but inside, I was deeply unsatisfied.

I kept doing what I now call “the bait and switch” on my clients.

Potential clients would always call or email me and say, “Help!”

I would sit down with them for a two-hour session. Instead of addressing what they thought was the problem (usually organization or systems), I would go right for their heart. My questions were deeply personal, and I dug straight for what I now call “The Whisper of the Soul.”

If someone started getting squirrely, I knew I was close. The moment they got emotional, I knew I was on the path. If our session ended with tears, I’d hit a bulls-eye. Straight to the heart as they revealed the REAL thing they wanted.

This made me feel euphoric and at the same time wildly uncomfortable.

Who was I to dig into people’s hearts? Wasn’t I there to help them get organized? Wasn’t I there to help implement systems?

The “bait and switch” worked most of the time. I always made great impact for my business owners, executives, and even for their teams. I created a safe space (the “cone of safety”) for everyone to say what needed to be said.

The irony for those several years was I wasn’t saying what needed to be said for my own business.

See, I was outright ignoring what my business wanted to be. I tried to shush the whispering of my Soul.

In the end, admitting what I really wanted changed everything.

Admitting what I really wanted meant letting go of work that I was good at, but that didn’t feed my Soul.

Admitting what I was really doing meant ‘fessing up about the “bait and switch.”

And hardest of all, admitting I was really doing the work of a business intuitive/business coach meant honoring my gift and talent in this area and in the process, making someone close to me very, very angry.

And yet, I was terminally stuck until I admitted all of this and acted on it.

So, here’s the truth: I’m a no-frills business intuitive/coach. I get right to the heart of what’s ailing you. While my commonsense approach is very, very effective, my secret sauce is in my ability to intuit what’s actually going on between you and your business (or you and your work or you and your life – and often, all three).

Over the years, my coaching clients have called me their business therapist, business shaman, business intuitive, and and even a thought-leader for how business can be done in these changing times.

One client summed up her experience of working with me like this:

Angie is the person who talked me through and helped me find the courage to go forward with publishing [a couple of controversial/personal blogs].  She’s an amazing person; she has a great way of helping you figure out what your Soul is meant to do, and how to remove all the roadblocks to help you do it.

I would love the opportunity to be of service to you in answering your Soul’s calling.

If there’s something significant you are meant to do in this world, please let me be your guide in removing those roadblocks in order to help make your dream a reality.

Simply be in touch using the Contact Me form and I’ll respond right away.

I look forward to hear from you.

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