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Over the Thanksgiving holiday, Nelson and I watched a show on Netflix called “Happy.” One particular segment of this show caught my attention. The narrator explained there’s a curious (and horrible) thing happening in Japan. It’s called Karoshi and

In the past few days, I’ve had two different people reach out to me. Both of them were asking for advice on starting their own businesses. My reply to them? “Go for it.” Life, technology, and business are changing

I’m roaring right into my busy season. There’s something about the fall and winter that compels people to call me. They are out of energy, desperate for more time, and feeling overwhelmed. Sound familiar? Today’s note is all about

Yesterday, I was sorting through quite a backlog of snail mail. Lots of junk, too many credit card offers (feh!), and a bill or two. My favorite part of the mail is getting magazines. I don’t subscribe to many,

I confess: I’m a total coffee snob. It’s gotten so bad that I can’t even stomach gas station or diner-type coffee anymore. Mediocre. Drinkable, maybe. But completely not worth it. Now, I go all out. Organic, fair-trade beans. Organic

I got quite a few lively responses from Tuesday’s newsletter. And most of them were about the P.S. I shared. If you didn’t read it before, here it is: P.P.S. Recently, one of my newer readers wrote and said

Nelson and I just got home from a week’s holiday in Virginia visiting family and friends. We also drove to our favorite town in the Virginia mountains with plans to go hiking and check out the wild ponies at

So, you might have noticed the world didn’t actually end last week. I think that’s just great. And I bet you do, too. And since the world didn’t end, have you thought at all about what you’re going to

I know it and Carolina Pad knows it – beige is boring.  And uninspiring.  Really, really uninspiring. Most of the standard beige file folders last a long time – but they don’t look great doing it. You know how

My clients are smart, motivated, and driven. But more than that, they’re clear about why they’re in business – and the why includes both personal AND professional reasons. For instance, one of my long-term clients walked into our most