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Exercising what I call “The Power of NO” is a learned skill and a wonderful way to stay organized and focused. Learn to say “No” when the request doesn’t work for you. And don’t apologize, qualify, or otherwise explain.

I know, I know – I can hear all you business owners and managers groaning. You think delegation is a cost of doing business. You think delegation means MORE work. Recently, I heard someone explain delegation and outsourcing like

Ever notice how work expands to fill the time available? Want to know how to rein that in, especially if you don’t have a boss breathing down your neck? Even if you are a self-motivated person, setting a deadline

He writes thank you postcards with the same message over and over She creates a quick task list for her new assistant for the upcoming special event (except she forgets  to note that the one corporate VP who always

We’re picking winners! A few weeks ago we ran a survey asking ya’ll about your burning organizational challenges. Bunches of you responded. The winners (three of them…) get to choose one of three books: “SHED Your Stuff, Change Your

You’ve been stewing over that organization issue, fussing because some process just isn’t working, or at a loss as to how to systematize a particular area of your business. Ah, procrastination! We procrastinate because we are avoiding. What are

With a nod to one of my favorite blogs of all time and to the author, Leo Babauta, let’s talk about the art of simplicity! Leo defines the Four Laws of Simplicity as: 1. Collect – bring it all

Smartphones of today (like the Blackberry, iPhone, or Droid), make for useful little devices – especially when it comes to checking email when you’re away from the office. Problem is, many small businesses are using a “POP3” email service,

Manage your email (not the other way around). Just like the phone in Tip #3, your email is ALSO a convenience tool! And don’t let anyone try to convince you otherwise! Efficiency expert and author Sally McGhee says, “The

Famous blogger and social media expert Chris Brogan says, “If your phone were a debit card, it would be sucking your attention account dry.” I really want you to think about this – especially if you own a smartphone