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If Your Brain is Not For Remembering… Use a checklist!  Create them for all routine happenings where multiple things go on. For instance, you travel, right? And there’s tons of little things – important things – that you need

Most disorganization comes down to one small word – and I’ll tell you what that word is in a minute. First though… Where to Start? Karen looked at me and sighed one of those bone-tired, weary, overworked, overwhelmed kind

Laurie, a local solopreneur, is finding herself increasingly agitated, frustrated and overwhelmed trying to stay on top of the details of her rapidly growing business. Currently she’s juggling 23 clients, each with their own separate set of paper and

20 Truths about How to Stay Organized – An essential guide for anyone in business! The point of getting organized shouldn’t be to “fit more in” – this goes for clothes, tasks, files, or email. Organizing just for the

Jean is a firecracker of a woman – smart, funny, and really damn good at her job. She’s filled with gratitude to be able to work because an illness a few years ago made her so sick she could

Everyone is writing about setting goals and resolutions for 2010. As an organization and productivity expert, I can’t help but chime in on this! Over and over I see business professionals struggling to stay organized; to manage the e-mails