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Laurie, a local solopreneur, is finding herself increasingly agitated, frustrated and overwhelmed trying to stay on top of the details of her rapidly growing business. Currently she’s juggling 23 clients, each with their own separate set of paper and

Action leads to more action which yields results - especially in the case of prospecting for business. Having a system or a process for doing this regularly fills your marketing pipeline for the future. Just do it!

As a business owner, are you struggling with a to-do list a mile long? Are you constantly searching for lost files, returning calls and trying to figure out how to create a decent looking PowerPoint presentation for tomorrow’s meeting

Seth Godin's recent blog post talks about business lessons he learned on a bike. Specifically, that his big wins came during the uphill parts. He said, "The best time to engage with an employee is when everything

I’m going through a process in my business right now that I’m expanding to teach to my clients. It goes something like this: I’m too busy. I’m working a ton, but not quite billing enough hours. I need to

In order to effectively create an organizational structure, routine, or process, you must first listen. A couple of guidelines will set the foundation for proper order - and then the organizational process will flow.

For a small business to run smoothly, it's worth the business owner's time to create systems, processes, and routines for each daily, weekly, and monthly action.