Chop wood, carry water

Chop wood, carry water

July 24, 2018 - 7:38 pm

chop wood, carry waterI was driving through the campground last week and wanted to share two miracles that happened. One was absolutely a message from Nature and one was a fourth repetition of a message I keep getting.

Miracle One: I was meditating on the idea of “chop wood and carry water” as I was slinging trash and scrubbing pit toilets (I’m spending the summer campground hosting in Alaska). I was thinking, “Gosh, I could be in a bad mood about this work that is neither glamorous nor fun. People could be judging me for doing a job that’s ‘beneath’ my skills and talents. Instead, I feel very happy. Peaceful. Calm. Meditative, even. ‘Chop wood and carry water.’ That’s all I have to do right here in this moment.” As soon as I completed that train of thought, about 10 feet above me, I watched a gorgeous bald eagle soar overhead.

Miracle Two: I keep getting the message to just show up. It happened twice one day last week. The next day as I was driving around, I was listening to a podcast. I lost signal at the back of the campground and the recording stopped working. I finished cleaning the final restroom and flopped down into the driver’s seat. Suddenly, the person being interviewed in the recording said, “You just have to keep showing up. Do the work and keep showing up.”

Gentle reader, this kind of stuff happens to me all the time and I freaking LOVE it. The Universe just keeps showing up for ME, giving me signs and signals and messages. And as random as some of the instruction and directions seem, I keep following them.

What signs and signals is the Universe sending you? Are you listening?

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