Day 20: Whimsy (31 Notes from Nature)

Day 20: Whimsy (31 Notes from Nature)

Our time in Southern California was hot and smoky. Across the state, they were experiencing record heatwaves for October (highs up to 110 degrees!) and several different fires were raging just north of our area. It was hard working outside in those conditions and our attitudes needs a serious adjustment.

whimsy the palm treeOne day I was taking a walk and a big green and brown palm tree across the boulevard captured my attention. I laughed out loud because “she” was so cute with her “hair” tied up like a Troll doll!

The whimsy of this tree lightened my mood and my step; it was as if someone had shared a funny joke with me that other people were missing out on as they whizzed by in their cars.

I admit I spent a bit of time looking at her and trying to get a decent photo.

In a world that feels chaotically off-kilter these days, a little whimsy is a delightfully welcome thing, don’t you think?

Gentle reader, I invite you to welcome some whimsy into your life today. Ask for it. Be on the lookout for it to reveal itself to you. And share it with ME!


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