Day 27: Magic and miracles (31 Notes from Nature)

Day 27: Magic and miracles (31 Notes from Nature)

I believe in magic and miracles. If you haven’t heard me say this before, hear me now.

I believe because over and over I have the most interesting things happen to me that feel like odd coincidence or divine winks. Some of these things make me laugh out loud. Others leaving me standing, mouth gaping, in the wonder of the magic or miracle that just presented itself to me.

A lovely bit of magic happened one Sunday last year when my hubby and a friend and I were paddling on the French Broad River. We were just a mile or two from the end of the trip, floating along, talking and laughing. As we floated under a bridge, something colorful caught my eye. “It’s a vase! A piece of pottery or something,” I exclaimed.

I turned my boat and paddled upstream against the current. I plunged my arm down into the cold water, but the object was just a bit farther than my reach.

My hubby saved the day. He turned his canoe upstream and reached down into the water. He snagged the vase with his fingers and held it up into the light. “There’s not a crack on it!” he marveled.

Gift of a vase from the French Broad River

And thus, the river gifted me a vase.

And for a few days, that’s all it was. A funny little wonder-full gift.

A couple days later, though, I had lunch with my friend Cat. She and I were discussing the topics of doorways and thresholds and the symbolism of crossing through. Just the day before, I had found an email conversation from six years ago with my coach where she prompted me to go deeper into something odd that happened during a meditation that had to do with a door.

So, I decided to dig a little deeper into the significance of this vase showing up in my life just as I had done with the door conversations. I figured symbolism is symbolism and worth looking into.

What I found gobsmacked me. This little vase is the perfect metaphor for the changes I’m experiencing professionally (and, perhaps, personally).

Here’s what I discovered:

The VASE is a universal symbol for the Great Mother. A vase is considered the “feminine receptive” in form and contains the principle life source. It signifies acceptance, receptivity, fertility, and heart. In Hindu, it is Shakti. And Shakti is VERY powerful.

A vase can be a place where miracles occur. A vase is said to hold the secret of transmutation. From the vase comes nourishment and flowing waters and is a symbol of spiritual abundance.

I will take each and every one of those things. It’s like the Great Mother reached out and smacked me on my head. “Pay attention, Darling. Great things are already here if you allow yourself to dig just a bit deeper into the magic and mystery that life presents to you.”

I got it.

So, gentle reader, may I ask what bits of symbolism are coming up over and over for you?

What’s worth exploring in depth, with interest and faith?

Go and look for the deeper meaning.

You might end up believing in magic and miracles, too.

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