Day 31: What Matters (31 Notes from Nature)

Day 31: What Matters (31 Notes from Nature)

what mattersWhat Matters

What matters is that you do not pretend
you do not hear the water’s ancient melody
over stones in the river,
and you do not turn away from the questions
ringing inside you like bells in the monks hands.
What matters is that you do not ignore the alpine meadows
and their wildflowers singing the cobalt sky,
and you say yes to the laughter
and yes to the tears
and you open yourself up to the mountain
so the sun can find you
and the wind caress your face
and the grass kiss your feet.
What matters is that you say yes to the dance
and yes to the songs,
yes to the night and all her stars
yes to the colours painted by light
yes to the deserts and their longings for soul.
What matters is that you say yes
to the voice inside the voice
of the one you forgot
the one who dreamed,
and played and loved
and you bring forth
what is in you
to bring forth
and you break through your own walls
and erase your own ceilings
and stumble and fall
and get up again
as you find your way
~Lisa Shatzky
Gentle reader, THANK YOU for participating in my 31 Notes from Nature. It has a been such a pleasure to spend this time together and I hope my Notes brought you moments of peace and contemplation during this busy holiday season.

If I can help YOU break through your walls or erase your own ceilings in 2018, please let me know. If I can help you turn towards that questions that whisper in your ears, please reach out.

It is my greatest pleasure to help you speak your Truth, to go after what matters, and want what you truly desire. Here’s to you creating a magnificent year ahead!

what matters

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