On failure

On failure

I had a conversation recently with a sweet friend (who is also an entrepreneur). We were sharing business updates and she admitted to me what a hard year she’d had. “It has felt like I’ve failed at everything I’ve tried,” she said.

One of my former coaching clients and I shared lunch recently. He said this spring for him was like somebody turned off a switch. “Nothing worked,” he sighed. “Even the things that used to work weren’t working.”

And if I’m completely honest, I’ve had quite a string of spectacularly big and small failures over the last three years. I’ve followed “the blueprints,” I learned “the steps,”¬†and I’ve done what “they” said I should do.

In the end, all three of us (my friend, my client, and I) failed. Sometimes repeatedly.

The result? We turned inward. We started following our inner voices instead of “outer advice.”

There was something asking us to change course, whether in action, mindset, or business model.

Once we did, things started to shift for the better. It wasn’t easy. And it took time. But we followed that inner guidance and the ship started to turn.

Gentle reader, it may be hard, but if you’re feeling like you’ve failed a lot, congratulations! You’ve gotten good information.

Now, what does your inner voice want you to do differently?


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