Carolyn is an overwhelmed small business owner.  She’s juggling a dozen clients who each have specific needs, deadlines, and expectations. Unfortunately, Carolyn hasn’t ever sat down to prioritize her client list. I know, I know – “My clients are

John is a successful small business owner, and like many other small business owners, he wears a lot of hats.  John has taken things one step further and has hired an assistant, Jane.  He’s heard over and over that

Most times, small business owners call me and exclaim breathlessly, “You’ve got to help me get organized!” And it’s true – they are overwhelmed. Buried in papers, files, mail (e- and snail), cords, computer parts, books, newspapers, magazines, and

Jean is a firecracker of a woman – smart, funny, and really damn good at her job. She’s filled with gratitude to be able to work because an illness a few years ago made her so sick she could

About 3 years ago, I started on a quest to change my business and myself.  In reality, I was fine and my business was chugging along fine, but I was restless. Unsatisfied. Cranky. I started my business in 2003

Recently, I met a businesswoman who is, to put it mildly, vastly disorganized. She spends considerable time on manual and repetitive data entry. She’s drowning in email inquiries. She spends a lot of time telling story after story to

Everyone is writing about setting goals and resolutions for 2010. As an organization and productivity expert, I can’t help but chime in on this! Over and over I see business professionals struggling to stay organized; to manage the e-mails

There are a lot dynamics at work in teams and small businesses. Individual personalities, differing viewpoints and communication styles. A consultant named George called me recently and admitted that he was really frustrated with his administrative team. He kept

I’ve worked with lots of small business owners over the years, so I wrote up this list of 10 ways to get organized to help you.  Make them work for you! There is no ‘one way’ to organize an

Getting organized provides concrete time, money, and frustration savings. You can get a process or system organized to make more money as well. This works for solopreneurs, consultants and small businesses. Either alone or working with

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