What will three weeks off get you?

What will three weeks off get you?

April 30, 2013 - 4:07 pm

I live in Charlotte, NC and one of the biggest things that happens here each spring is the Wells Fargo Championship Golf Tournamet.

And every single year, the “buzz” builds as we wait (breathlessly, I might add) to see if The Man is going to attend.

Who is the man?

Tiger Woods.

This town gets all in a lather over Tiger Woods visiting.

And this year, the answer was a firm no.

What reason could Tiger have given to turn down such a prestigious golf tournament as the Wells Fargo Championship?

His spokespeople said, “Tiger takes three weeks off between competitions. Since he just wrapped up play at Augusta, the Wells event doesn’t give him enough time to rest.”


The man at the top of the game (or at least sort of coming back to the top, anyway) takes THREE WEEKS off between tournaments.

Gentle reader, I find this notable.

And my question for YOU is: where in your professional life do you work at the peak of your game AND allow yourself a significant amount of time to rest and recharge?

I bet the answer is NEVER.

At best, your answer is, “I take three day weekends sometimes. And most years I take a week off.”


Let’s assume you are really focused on doing work that is the best and highest use of your time (because you are, right?). Consider how you could be resting:

  • After attending a networking event, a conference or other work-related event where you make connections, you schedule in 2-4 hours for follow up and calendaring.
  • After teaching a big class, giving a kick-ass speech or presenting to a big client, you take the rest of the day off.
  • After wrapping up a big client engagement, you take the rest of the week off.
  • Once a year, you take a month off.
  • I can hear you laughing hysterically inside your head as you read through this list.

“Those suggestions are impossible, Angie, ” you say shaking your head.

Now, I agree that trying to management your time like this can be really stupid if you’re focused on doing more faster. If you’re focused on “getting it all done” and adding stuff once you’re finished.

If you’re trying to manage time and tasks at the American breakneck pace, every day with no rest for the hardworking brain in your noggin. You. Will. Burn. Out.

Now, energy management is a whole other ballgame.

It’s what Tiger Woods does to stay on top of his very impressive game.

And it’s what I’d like you to start thinking about as you go about your day. When is your energy waning, your enthusiasm flagging, and your desire for your work heading down the tubes?

If you pay attention, it’s probably when you are tired, burned out, and flat out of energy.

It’s then that you should schedule breaks, not dig deeper.

If you want help with this, I’m a master at seeing those energy management areas that trip you up.

My work is always to help you focus on the best and highest use of your talents, energy, and time. Your work is to focus on those gifts and talents and use them wisely to make a difference in your life, the life of your clients, your community, and in a big cosmic sense, to impact the world.

If you’re not doing that yet, I’d like to help.



P.S. I normally take several one-to-two week vacations per year. This is only the second time I’m taking a full three weeks off. I leave in 31 days and can only take 1-2 more Fast Action VIP Day clients before I leave. If you want to be one of them, you best reach out now.

P.P.S. As an aside, one of my newer readers wrote recently and said she didn’t like how much I “sell” in this newsletter. She wanted tips and ideas to make her business and life more organized but felt uncomfortable with my constant “pitching” of services. I hope that you find my writing to be very thought-provoking on how to make your business and life better and more organized each and every time you hear from me. I want to work with you – and I’m going to ask for your business in nearly every email I write. If you’re not interested in working with me at all ever and/or you’re not getting value from my notes, then please feel free to use the unsubscribe button at the bottom of this email.

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