Forty feet out of my comfort zone

Forty feet out of my comfort zone

This weekend was a weekend to push me out of my comfort zone – WAY out. Specifically, it pushed me about 40 feet out.

Here’s the deal:

Ever since Nelson and I met, we’ve talked about wanting to live in the mountains. Even before we met, I wanted to live on a lot of land, have horses and chickens and cows and a huge garden. To go hiking and camping and kayaking all the time. I wanted long-range view, open vistas, and room to roam.

Nelson wants mountains and forests and trees and rocks for exploring, backpacking, mountain biking and rock climbing.

This weekend saw us move one giant step closer to these dreams.

Specifically, on Saturday we moved to a place called Pisgah Forest, NC. It’s south and west of Asheville, NC very nearly in a town called Brevard.

There are LOTS of forests for exploring, rocks for climbing and long-range mountain top views. Our new rental house is full of light and windows and the yard has a perfect spot for a small garden.

First, though, we had to get there, which is how I came to be 40 feet out of my comfort zone.

Friday night had us loading all our belongings into a 20 foot U-Haul. Saturday morning we cleaned our house for the renter moving in that night. By Saturday afternoon, we were loading pets and plants into the cabs of Nelson’s truck and the cab of the big U-Haul I was about to drive 150 miles into the mountains…with my Subaru Forester loaded onto a car hauler that I’d be towing behind said U-Haul.

In all, I’d be driving 40 feet of vehicles 150 miles into the mountains by myself. Nelson followed along with his work truck and trailer. I had the cat, he had the dogs. We were fully locked and loaded!

Now, I’m a fairly adventurous girl, yet this was pushing my limits big time. And for a second time. See, when I first moved to Charlotte, I did basically the same thing. I rented a big old U-Haul, stuffed my belongings in the back, my cats into the cab, and I towed my little truck and my life to Charlotte.

Both times, did I have any idea how things would work out?


In fact, when I moved to Charlotte, I didn’t even a job. Thankfully, my move to Pisgah Forest will still have me coming back to Charlotte twice a month to continue working with my awesomest clients. Yay!

But still, do I know things will work out? Does Nelson as he moves his entire business ( to Pisgah Forest?


We’re taking a leap of faith. We believe in ourselves and our ability to both have what we want, where we want, and to make money while doing it.

I think my question for you, gentle reader, is: where in your life or your business do you KNOW you must take a leap of faith…and you’re avoiding it or you’re scared or uncertain or unsure?

How can *I* help you take this leap?

How can *I* help already successful, brilliant, and fabulous you dig deeper, think grander, or in the wonderful words of my kayaking friends: GO BIG OR GO HOME?

One way is to schedule a Make Some Room Rendezvous session. Seriously. During these sessions I have helped clients begin to map out big plans, big dreams, awesome organizing systems, and even the Five Essential Business Systems that have helped their companies go big.

In fact, on Thursday, I’ll share another story of a big leap of faith that one of my clients took. Will it work out for him? He doesn’t know…but inside he does know because he believes in himself and what he’s created (and I believe in him, too).

And I believe in YOU. Go big for your dreams.

Make some room,


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