The art of procrastination

The art of procrastination

August 28, 2014 - 2:57 pm
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double_chocolate_cupcakesYesterday, my business coach, Shannon, posted a drawing of a cupcake on Facebook. The caption read:

Procrastibaking: The art of baking cupcakes instead of doing something else you should be doing.

This made me snort out loud with laughter.

Because seriously, how TRUE is this???

I’ll admit I don’t bake much anymore (my ample behind does NOT need sweets or baked goods).

Still, I can find plenty of other activities to engage in instead of doing the actual thing I should be doing.

  • Procrasticleaning
  • Procrastiorganizing
  • Procrastipondering
  • Procrastidoodling
  • Procrastinapping
  • Procrastilawnmowing
  • Procrastiweeding (I did it this morning)
  • Procrastisockfolding
  • Procrastiposting, liking, sharing
  • Procrastichatting
  • Procrastidishwashing
  • Procrastisurfing
  • Procrastibiking
  • Procrastitexting

What are things you do instead of doing the thing you “should” be doing? What’s YOUR favorite flavor of procrastination?

We all have them. Go ahead and admit yours. I really want to know (mostly because they make me laugh)!

Make Some Room,


P.S. We all procrastinate. Sometimes even on things that are GOOD for us. Why do we do it? Because the thing we are avoiding either scares us to death, matters a ton, or because we just don’t want to do it. The beauty of having a powerful conversation with me is getting clear on which of the three it is: are you scared to death, excited but intimidated because it matters so much, or are you simply dreading doing the thing? If it’s clarity you want, let’s talk.

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