Being organized (Day 23 of 31 Days of Organizing)

Being organized (Day 23 of 31 Days of Organizing)

I’ve been yammering on for the last 22 days about being organized and managing your time and becoming more productive.

And I want to hit the pause button and ask you to NOT take my message to heart.


That’s right…in a way, I don’t want you to listen to me expound upon the virtues of being organized. Or managing your time. Or being more productive.

There’s a sickness in our culture that makes productivity a measure of our self-worth.

It also makes exhaustion a status symbol (you know when you say, “I’m SO tired” and the other person puts on their sympathetic face and whispers with conspiratorial glee, “Me, too”).

That is so completely NOT what I’m about.

In no way to do I want you to become some Productivity Automaton. I don’t want you doing more, more, more…better.

Rather, I want to help you to do less, well. It’s a radical way to think about being organized.

And part of that starts with letting things go. It includes making time for what matters to you. And it ends with getting enough rest.

So don’t be thinking I’m some crazy, Type-A, Productivity Dominatrix who aims to whip you into shape.

I’m here to help you get organized and productive so you can get stuff done. The right stuff. The stuff that matters to you.

All the rest? Kick it to the curb along with the ideas that exhaustion is some kind of status symbol and your productivity (or lack of it) in any way measures your self-worth.

Got it?


Make Some Room,


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