“U” is for email?

“U” is for email?

At different times of the week, I alternately loathe technology and love technology – especially email. Technology does really make life easier to make a spreadsheet as I compare costs of various locations Nelson and I are considering for a wedding reception. Technology also makes life easier for sorting and storing and sharing my tons of photos.

It was also wonderful to set an “Out on Holiday” auto responder for the two weeks around Christmas and New Year’s that I wasn’t working. Being able to really unplug and enjoy my break, letting my email responder do the work of letting folks know when they could expect to hear from me again was pretty wonderful.

Loathing technology is something else. I’ve heard from more than a couple people how they planned to do a great email purge during their holiday break. “It’s tradition,” they say, “to purge the accumulated email. Thousands and thousands of messages,” they groan.

And it takes them an entire day. Sometimes two.

In my opinion, holiday breaks are for unplugging, resting, and recharging. They aren’t for trying to wrestle massive amounts of email into some semblance of order once a year.

Rather, get a handle on your email once and for all.

You can do it THIS Friday (January 10th) in my Gmail 101 class.

This is a small group of folks who are determined to conquer their email overwhelm once and for all. No more “Great Purges” at the end of the year, realizing how much time, money, and potential business was lost in the overwhelm.

And there’s still room for you to join us. To conquer your email overwhelm once and for all. Aren’t you ready to enjoy a holiday season where you can truly unplug, not worrying about email at all?

Make some room,


P.S. Registration ends tomorrow. Grab your spot NOW.

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