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Getting organized is really fun, I swear! I mean, sure, it’s fun partly because I love it and partly because I carefully choose the clients I work with. One of my criteria is my clients must have a “fun”

It’s true. This one very small but important part of your brain is large and in charge of nearly everything you do each day. This one little area of your brain called the basal ganglia regulates your habits and

Late last week one of my former clients emailed me to share an example of some great customer service she’d received. This client is a CPA and this time of year, she is buried in taxes. Busy. Craaaazy busy.

I’ve discovered And it’s both wonderful and addictively easy. See, my mom bought me the cutest pair of shoes for Christmas. I had asked for them after seeing them in a store a month or so earlier. I

I guess I start with, “What exactly is a Spasmodic Hercules?” A Spasmodic Hercules is someone who: Has no systems or uses them sporadically (occasionally, inconsistently, in fits and starts) Doesn’t quite “get” organization and how to do it Feels

My new kitten’s name is Hobbes. He’s learning to navigate the world that is my house, which includes two very large labs who have never really had contact with a cat before. It’s been…interesting. So far, the kitten is

Ah, New Year’s resolutions. Seems like everyone is talking about them. And we know the common thought about them: Most people abandon them by the end of January. Others simply swear off making any resolutions at all. What if

Nelson and I just got home from a week’s holiday in Virginia visiting family and friends. We also drove to our favorite town in the Virginia mountains with plans to go hiking and check out the wild ponies at

So, you might have noticed the world didn’t actually end last week. I think that’s just great. And I bet you do, too. And since the world didn’t end, have you thought at all about what you’re going to