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For many years, I felt anxiety every time I had to set a table for a meal. Here’s why… Growing up, my mom was very particular about how she wanted her table set. I think she learned this in

Once again my husband, Nelson, and I had a profound car talk moment over the weekend. We were talking about our experiences with body and breath work, and with yoga teachers specifically. Nelson said, “Some teachers lead you through

There’s a dude named Jonathan Fields who is one of my heroes. He started a series of video interviews called Good Life Project. If you haven’t heard of Jonathan or seen any of the Good Life Project interviews, you

I don’t talk about this part of my life much, but it’s hugely important to my well-being and physical health. For almost five years, I’ve been seeing a chiropractor who practices a very different methodology called “Network Spinal Analysis”

My hubby Nelson shared an insight he had over the weekend while he was out shooting photographs on the Blue Ridge Parkway. His class was focused on sunrises, sunsets, and macro photography of flowers. And I guess while he

In the last couple weeks, I’ve talked to a number of people about working hard vs. hardly working. ┬áMostly it’s been men (probably because men make up about 75 percent of my client list). We’ve been talking about their

I recently learned there’s something about why the first 10┬áminutes matter in commercial kitchens. I’d never heard of this, yet read the most renowned chefs do it and are almost fanatical about the ritual. And I find it fascinating

On Saturday, I saw the results of nearly three and a half years of practice. It was an almost every day practice. And admittedly, it was an imperfect practice. Yet, I stuck to it. Here’s the magic: Nelson and

If you’ve known me for any stretch of time you’ve inevitably heard me rant that technology is not the boss of you. I had an epiphany a few weeks ago that further strengthened my less-than-positive feelings about our over-reliance

Quite a few people have been writing about “the other B-word” recently – busy, busy, busy. I’ve read about the Cult of Busy; Arianna Huffington asks everyone to Stop the Glorifiation of Busy in her new book Thrive; my