Three kinds of transformation

Three kinds of transformation


Transformation happens in three ways

Today I’m going to ask you to think about transformation.

But first, I want to be clear about something: I always do a bit of selling in my eNotes here. I hope I add something beyond a sales pitch to your day when you invest the time to read what I’ve written. My goal is to get you to *think.*

And if my writing yesterday, today, or tomorrow somehow compels you to coach with me, purchase one of my books, or take one of my eCourses, all the better. And I thank you for it!

In this eNote, I want to share some of the things my clients (past and present) have said about working with me and how they’ve been transformed. Direct quotes – although I won’t share names for confidentiality reasons.

At the end of this note, I’m introducing a new way to experience working with me that is radically different from what I’ve offered before.

Here’s the good stuff my clients say about coaching with me:

  • Discovering a new perspective “I faced a challenge this morning …and it’s got me stewing a bit. I’m seeking a higher path. Can we talk?” SE, Asheville, NC
  • Finding your Why “Angie has an uncanny ability to discern what it most important to advancing your value proposition…In short, Angie quickly diagnosed the underlying issues and helped me find the courage (and the time!) to make some meaningful changes and held me accountable so I could start doing the work that truly feeds my soul.” CM, Charlotte, NC
  • Understanding the How “As soon as Angie and I started working together, she showed me the hows with a capital H! She helped me simplify processes and focus on what is truly important. The result? Everything is streamlined, simpler and I’m so much more productive.” MM, Charlotte, NC
  • Clarity “I never thought about my time this way, but it totally makes sense. I see it!” RH, Mexico City, Mexico
  • Personal attention “I feel relieved, refocused and ready to keep going up my hill! Starting a business is exceptionally difficult and in the midst of the multiple challenges presented, it became hard to identify issues that were slowing growth down. Thank you for helping me to identify right priorities, new thinking and new practices that have already ended many frustrations! I’m enjoying starting a business again… Thanks!!” TH, Charlotte, NC
  • Accountability “I have to admit it helps having someone to check in with.” LL, Charlotte, NC

So here’s the deal: do YOU want these kind of results in your business and your life? Are you ready?

If you do and you are, HOORAY!

Hooray because *I* sincerely want to make this kind of impact with YOU.

There are three kinds of transformation I work on with my clients:

  1. Transformation of Situation – “I got a label maker! Labels make everything more organized!”
  2. Transformation of Circumstance – “I hired a professional organizer. Now I’ll be so organized, efficient, and fabulous.”
  3. Transformation of Being – “I finally understand the root causes of my disorganization, chaos, and overwhelm. They are banished forever. I am free!”

That third transformation is where it’s at. It’s the one that completely lights me up. AND it’s the one that helps create permanent change – and real clarity – in your life. I know this works because I talk to clients YEARS after they worked with me and they remind me about the advice I gave them and they’re still using it!

When you’re ready for a plunge into all three transformations – with a strong emphasis on the third one – now’s the time.

I want to help you end the chaos, confusion, and overwhelm. Getting this kind of clarity leads to ACTION.

Before this happens though, I want to give you the experience of coaching with me.

When you’re ready (and seriously interested), click here  and let’s schedule a chat. No strings attached. But serious inquiries only, please.

Make Some Room,


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