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Manage your email (not the other way around). Just like the phone in Tip #3, your email is ALSO a convenience tool! And don’t let anyone try to convince you otherwise! Efficiency expert and author Sally McGhee says, “The

I am very frustrated this week because I keep being contacted by overwhelmed people who are coming to me for “magic bullet” solutions for organizing their space, managing their email overwhelm, or figuring a better way to spend their

Most business professionals have NO idea who to avoid information overload. There’s just SO much available that everyone is walking around in overwhelm. Recently, I had a conversation about information overload with a local community college instructor named Don.

20 Truths about How to Stay Organized – An essential guide for anyone in business! The point of getting organized shouldn’t be to “fit more in” – this goes for clothes, tasks, files, or email. Organizing just for the

Linda is 43 years old, a professional business woman who is great at her job in sales and was promoted to manage several offices around the city. She’s risen through ranks of her company using a combination of personality

Carolyn is an overwhelmed small business owner.  She’s juggling a dozen clients who each have specific needs, deadlines, and expectations. Unfortunately, Carolyn hasn’t ever sat down to prioritize her client list. I know, I know – “My clients are

John is a successful small business owner, and like many other small business owners, he wears a lot of hats.  John has taken things one step further and has hired an assistant, Jane.  He’s heard over and over that

Most times, small business owners call me and exclaim breathlessly, “You’ve got to help me get organized!” And it’s true – they are overwhelmed. Buried in papers, files, mail (e- and snail), cords, computer parts, books, newspapers, magazines, and

Jean is a firecracker of a woman – smart, funny, and really damn good at her job. She’s filled with gratitude to be able to work because an illness a few years ago made her so sick she could