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About 3 years ago, I started on a quest to change my business and myself.  In reality, I was fine and my business was chugging along fine, but I was restless. Unsatisfied. Cranky. I started my business in 2003

Recently, I met a businesswoman who is, to put it mildly, vastly disorganized. She spends considerable time on manual and repetitive data entry. She’s drowning in email inquiries. She spends a lot of time telling story after story to

There are a lot dynamics at work in teams and small businesses. Individual personalities, differing viewpoints and communication styles. A consultant named George called me recently and admitted that he was really frustrated with his administrative team. He kept

I’ve worked with lots of small business owners over the years, so I wrote up this list of 10 ways to get organized to help you.  Make them work for you! There is no ‘one way’ to organize an

Getting organized provides concrete time, money, and frustration savings. You can get a process or system organized to make more money as well. This works for solopreneurs, consultants and small businesses. Either alone or working with

This morning’s exercise was so fun! Nope, I didn’t go running. Or biking. Or kayaking. In fact, I never even left my office. What kind of exercise did I do? I virtually organized a home-based business owner’s office. Yes.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret about why you, Mr. or Ms. Business Owner, seem unable to get much accomplished these days… Are you ready? Are you sure you want to hear it…? The answer:

I was reading a blog post recently by coach Melanie Benson Strick. In this post, she outlines 10 ways that business owners become “the Bottleneck” and speedbump in their business. They can’t grow because they won’t let go. This

Ok, so I’m going to admit something that often gets me in trouble with clients and my family (mostly my mom). I have a couple of very specific opinions about “family heirlooms” stuff and they go something like this:

On Friday, I started interviewing administrative assistants (mostly virtual) to start helping me in my business. It won’t be a huge amount of time at first (maybe 10 hours a month) and I probably won’t get them started until