Day 15: Kids in Nature (31 Notes from Nature)

Day 15: Kids in Nature (31 Notes from Nature)

Today’s note is written by my husband Nelson. I asked him to write about a significant memory he had of being a kid out in nature and this is what he’s shared:

Nelson StegallMy oldest sister and I loaded up the brown, manual-shift Datsun 810 and headed to the mountains.  I was uncertain where we were going; I just knew we were “going camping.”  We headed down the highway for awhile, turned right onto a winding county road that took us into the mountains.  After about an hour and half we crossed a beautiful mountain river and turned left onto a gravel road.  I am not sure how long we traveled the road because I could not take my eyes off the river.  It was full of clear pools of water just about to cascade over boulders before meandering downstream.  I was mesmerized as we continued up the river.  We soon turned off the main road onto something that resembled a road. Suddenly, we were there! Someplace called Brown Mountain in North Carolina. I was free to escape the confines of the car and get into the water!

Our camp was located on a smaller stream that fed the larger river not very far away.  I don’t remember many details about our tent, sleeping bags, or food, but I think I could draw you a picture of the river.  It was in a bend with a large, deep pool that I’m sure was full of fish. The stream’s waters did indeed crash over the boulders and the cascading water then disappeared around the bend.  I spent all day running from one end of to the other, with an occasional rest in a hammock I had just received.  What a day!!

I am not exactly sure how old I was on this memorable trip; I think my sister had just gotten out of college and bought the car, so that would make me around ten.  And I don’t know why she took me camping, but I do know she created an everlasting memory for me.

My nature prompt is to take kids outside in nature – you just may create a everlasting memory for them, too.

(Thanks to my Big Sister sister for this awesome nature memory.)


I love this memory of his and support the idea of free-range kids and getting them outside in nature. Nelson learned to love the outdoors because his folks let him explore the woods near their home, go biking long distances with his friend Louis, and, eventually, take up rock climbing. They also involved him in the Boys Scouts, where eventually earned his Eagle Scout rank.

So many studies are showing us how healthy it is to be outside. How healthy is to actually get dirty!

If you have kids, when was the last time they went outside for a true adventure? Where they explored a stream or hiked a trail or climbed on big rocks?

If it’s been awhile since they – OR YOU – have done any of these things, I invite you to make a plan to get outside this weekend.

Go wild!


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