Day 18: Gentle nudge (31 Notes from Nature)

Day 18: Gentle nudge (31 Notes from Nature)

It was a busy day with a lot going on. My husband and I were focused and eager to get the job done so we could move along.

Rush rush rush.

leaf on chair

And then I saw it…

This single green leaf on my desk chair.

I don’t know where this leaf came from (it wasn’t from any of the three plants in our motorhome…)


I felt the gentle nudge and received this: Take a breath. Slow down for a second. 

It’s all I needed – that brief reminder to ground and center for just a moment.

I took a deep breath, gave thanks to Nature for the gentle nudge, and went out into the world with a totally different perspective.

What gentle nudges might you be missing? Can you allow yourself to slow down and receive one? Try it today…

P.S. Excuse the cat hair on the chair. Remember my notes about Hobbes?


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