Day 19: Practice your passion (31 Notes from Nature)

Day 19: Practice your passion (31 Notes from Nature)

There is one quote that I love probably more than all others because it speaks to the individual in each of us.

Don’t ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” ~Gil Bailie

This quote doesn’t ask us to do anything for anyone else. It invites us to go INWARD and figure out what makes us feel ALIVE. And then it basically gives us permission to go out and DO that because it’s actually what the world needs.

Steve practicing his passionMy brother Steve is the epitome of someone who practices his passion regularly.

This is a man who LIVES to fish. He LOVES to fish. He will forgo sleep, suffer through the rain, and endure the cold to go out and fish. He will drive miles just to fish for a few hours. He takes friends and family out fishing. Or he’ll go alone if he can’t find anyone to join him (but he does love to share it with others – he’s the extrovert in our family).

The more he fishes, the happier he is.

And when he fishes, he takes beautiful photos of sunrises and sunsets. He gets fabulous photos of rivers, lakes, and the oceans he fishes on. He spends time outside enjoying the birds, deer, raccoons, and other animals he sees while on those waters. He’s never said so, but I’d bet Nature speaks to him while he’s out there.

Today is my brother’s birthday (Happy Birthday, Big Brother!). My bet is he’ll celebrate by going out fishing. HA!

Gentle reader…let my brother be your role model for practicing a passion. If you know yours, do eat, sleep, and breathe it?

Go back and re-read the quote above. Now is your time to figure out what makes YOU come alive. Go do that. Because the world desperately needs people who have come alive!

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