Let’s play a different game

Let’s play a different game

I want to play a different game. And I’m in the middle of doing a pivot in my business to support that. I’ve realized my focus isn’t where I want it to be. Some of what I’m doing just doesn’t light me up and I’m beginning to get much more clear about what does.

Sharing (or re-sharing) my Manifesto on Tuesday is part of this. My move to the mountains plays into this as well.

On Tuesday, I read an incredible article called Living in Penthouse Hell and it hit me *bull’s-eye* right in my heart!

The entire article was powerful, and the last line sums up my philosophy on business and life: “We are not here to win the game. We are here to change the game.”

I sincerely want to copy and paste the entire article into this note, but I’ll resist. Instead, you can read the article here.

The long and short of it is this: in life, some of us have too much and so, so many others have too little. And many of us are trying to win at a game that is sucking our soul dry.

Case in point. Recently I was at the home of someone I know and love dearly. This woman is single, no children, and has a good job. She lives in a huge, beautiful renovated farmhouse that is FULL of stuff.

I look around her house and I see shelves full of dishes and dish towels. I see furniture in room after room after room. I see her enormous collection of glass, antique windows, and other pretties.

The interesting thing is she hates her job. No, she loathes her job. So much so that she regularly says it’s “killing her.”

The irony here? She is maintaining a lifestyle that she does not enjoy by working at a job that is figuratively (and maybe literally, eventually) killing her.

And the curious part is she knows it.

This is insane to me.

And it is to her, too, at some level. She knows what she’s doing. “This is just the way it’s going to be,” she sighs, “until I can retire.”

She feels she has no choice. No options. That she can’t change the game.

And all I see are opportunities for her.

So many families could benefit from all the extra “stuff” she has that she doesn’t use. A big family could flourish in such a large home.

She loves and is very gifted at arranging flowers. If she would/could downsize, this would free up the need to earn so much money. It would free up her weekends from house and yard maintenance. And it could provide her the opportunity to start her own business (or join an existing business). Making a change in her job, her living situation (or even her mindset) could mean completely changing the game.

Part of the pivot of my upcoming work and my Make Some Room Project is to help you see you have choices. That you can create a different game. Always.

I see possibilities in everything. I see where you are stuck. I see where you are scared. And I can help connect you with your deepest WHY, which is the first step towards getting unstuck. The first step in changing the game.

The insanity of maintaining anything that doesn’t bring you joy is crazy. To stay at a job; to live in a home; to stay in a town; to maintain ANY status quo that doesn’t work for you…

I say: STOP the madness! Wake up! Choose a different game!

And if you need help getting unstuck…

If you want guidance and support for making any kind of change…

There are lots of resources to help you. Including ME.

You must admit first, though, the game isn’t working for you. And second, you must request help (if you want it).

I actually almost beg you to ask because your happiness impacts your own life. It impacts your clients’ lives. It impacts your family members’ lives. And truly, once you feel connected and plugged in to a joyful life you purposefully created, you’ll joyfully affect many, many more lives. And I have come to believe that’s really why we’re here on this earth afterall.

People matter. YOU matter. Start acting like it, wouldja?

Make some room,


P.S. A Make Some Room Rendezvous session is THE perfect place to begin. Schedule yours now!

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