Powerful Wayfinding Conversation Example #1

Powerful Wayfinding Conversation Example #1

May 7, 2018 - 6:38 pm


One of my conundrums is trying to explain to people what I “do” when I work with clients.

It’s easy to explain consulting and to discuss organization or systems and processes. It’s a whole other thing entirely to talk with people about getting unstuck, getting into integrity with themselves, or telling the whole truth about what they want.

My friends Emma and Julie, who have both directly experienced my coaching, suggested I show rather than tell.

This led me to asking for volunteers to participate in short, focused Wayfinding conversations with me earlier this year. I had a number of people apply knowing full and well I’d be taping these conversations and sharing them.

Three of the conversations really highlight the power of my Wayfinding – holding space, allowing emotion, identifying the “stuck” place, and allowing for out of the box thinking and visioning to happen.

In this blogpost, you can listen to and/or read Example #1 with Lynn.

Listen using the soundbar above or click here to read the transcript

Highlights of my session with Lynn, a very successful and driven Virtual Assistant, include:

3:55 – Lynn identifies a body feeling that is really important that leads to a question.

5:00 – Lynn thinks she knows the problem [but doesn’t know what to do about it]

7:38 – Lynn reveals something critical to her “stuckness.”

15:41 – I have a hunch about what part of the deeper problem is.

19:08 – I diagnose exactly why Lynn is stuck [it’s a hunch…and right on].

32:58 – I let my mind run wild and we begin to explore options for Lynn.

34:22 – I summarize what I’ve heard Lynn say is important to her in a working situation.

37:18 – I make a suggestion that appeared in my head and this blew things open for Lynn. It’s worth reading or listening to how Lynn opens up from here and leaps into a new level of possibility.

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