Word Design: the art of making information functional and attractive

Word Design: the art of making information functional and attractive

Jenni Miehle Word Design

Jenni Miehle, Word Design

They say you only have one chance to make a first impression.

In this interview, I’m speaking to Jenni Miehle of Word Design. Jenni’s business (and skillset) are VERY unique: she makes information functional and attractive.

Jenni is a graphic designer – with a twist. She calls herself an “information designer.” While she can do logos, her talents really shine with:

  • workbooks

  • reports

  • training manuals

  • forms

  • other content-rich information pieces

Her thing is taking a lot of content, really dense information that could even contain charts and tables, and turning it into something that is both usable and attractive.

I really enjoy working on content, reading it, and understanding it. Then I can see how it’s organized and do it better. I love to take the information and help you the client communicate that in the most effective and visually appealing way.

During our call, Jenni expands on the kinds of projects she most enjoys and gives specific examples. She also clearly outlines the kinds of clients she most enjoys working with.

If YOU have information or content that needs a facelift, I hope you’ll reach out to Jenni and let her work her magic on it. Put your best foot forward right away – with your forms, reports, client and marketing collateral, training manuals (internal and external), and more.

Jenni Miehle (Me-lee)



(704) 995-7753 (business)


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