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operator error

A couple weeks ago, I had an appointment to meet a potential new client at a coffee shop in downtown Asheville. This person and I made our appointment via email, so everything was in writing. I created the appointment

perfectionism equals procrastination

Have you ever seen a little kid fighting with another little kid over a toy? They push and pull and play a really bratty version of “keep away.” There might be yelling, screaming, or even an epic temper tantrum.

short term, urgent vs. long term, important

One of my favorite “thinkers” out there is Seth Godin. He’s written 18 or 19 books by now. And I’m going to share (in its entirety) one of his recent blogs (he blogs a lot, way more than me.

Tim Ferriss not being lazy

On my travels hither and yon in the car, I’m listening to a book by Rolf Potts called Vagabonding. As I desire to become a vagabond in the next couple of years, I am completely in love with this

procrastinate or do some weeding?

In an epic effort to squash my procrastination streak, I spent six and half hours weeding the garden this past Saturday. In the whirlwind of finishing my book, I let the garden go untended for a long, long time. I poured all

life is like a layer cake

Despite living in a perfectly lovely mountain town (Pisgah Forest, NC), it’s still nice to go somewhere else. Despite really liking my work, loving my client roster right now, and finishing book #3 (Ponder This), it’s still super nice to take a break. And despite