Confessions of an Organizer

Confessions of an Organizer

  1. Seriously, I hate technology! I know it’s supposed to make our lives easier, but I find it makes things more complicated. All things in moderation.
  2. I love my label maker and it definitely servers a purpose, but perfect labels and file folders with matchy-matchy colors make me a little nauseous!
  3. My desk has piles on it. Lots of them. I make them go away regularly, but in the midst of creation or switching between client work, the piles…they do grow!
  4. I’m not a die-hard minimalist, but clutter-free IS awesome! There’s something about minimal furniture and clutter that helps me breath better.
  5. There IS energy in getting organized. Seriously. That breathing thing? You’ll do it deeper and more often in an organized space. Pay attention to it, because our breath is as important as the blood flowing through our veins (literally and physically, the two are as one).
  6. I can organize anything. For almost anybody. But it’s their responsibility to keep it that way. Most people forget that when they are wailing in the phone, “I need you to get me organized!”
  7. Getting organized is a singular even. Keeping organized is an ongoing habit. It’s hard to create a new habit – but once you get it, you get it.
  8. Being an organized person is a learned skill. See #7.
  9. If you’re overwhelmed (with anything) the first step is to break the overwhelm down into big bite sized chunks. The devil is in the tiny details – and that’s where most people get STUCK.
  10. People moan and complain about their lives being so complicated. I want to shake them by their shoulders and show them that they’ve created the lives they are living and they have the ultimate power to change them. Whether they will use their power or not…that’s an entirely different story.
  11. Many times, I don’t get my clients perfectly organized. We don’t implement all this amazing technology to make their lives easier. We don’t buy a bunch of organizing bins and totes (although that is WAY fun when we do). Mostly, we simplify. We take away rather than add. We discard. My clients learn to become discerning about what they let in their lives (or into their bodies, their homes and offices, their cars, their email boxes, or their computers). It’s a glorious day when my client calls and tells me they unsubscribed from a bunch of crap or loaded up their recycle bin, or decluttered their desk, or activated their power by using the word “NO.”

Glorious, I tell you. Just glorious!

Time to get thee organized? Ready to exercise your “Power of No”, calm your Monkey Mind, and create a clutter-free world? Call me! It’s time. (704) 553-8082 or

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