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whimsy the palm tree

Our time in Southern California was hot and smoky. Across the state, they were experiencing record heatwaves for October (highs up to 110 degrees!) and several different fires were raging just north of our area. It was hard working

leaf on chair

It was a busy day with a lot going on. My husband and I were focused and eager to get the job done so we could move along. Rush rush rush. And then I saw it… This single green

Hobbes on a leash

I struggle to get enough exercise because in my mind exercising for the sake of exercising seems onerous and boring. I’d rather be curled up in a chair with an excellent book or pecking away at my computer getting

wandering in the woods

A couple weekends ago, we decided to get off the concrete and reserved two nights at the Chattahoochee Bend State Park in Georgia. It was time to just wander in nature. They have a number of nice, easy trails

There are some poets who pierce my heart with their words. And when I sit outside and read of their sorrows, their longings, and their open-heartedness, I often sit and weep (I use this word “weep” deliberately because “cry”

Allison Crow starry night sky

A couple of weeks ago, my Facebook friend, Allison, posted about a magical star blessing she received early one morning. I asked for her permission to share her post about this and she said of course. She described what

Joshua Tree

During one of my hikes in Joshua Tree National Park this past October, I was walking along asking Mother Earth, the Universe, etc. what to do about some gifts and talents I’m not using because I’m afraid. I’m standing