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So many people ask, “Really, what do you for business owners?” Here’s a great video where I share what I do. Thanks to Michael Catlow and 15 Minutes of Fame for asking me to participate!   If this wowed

Until this year, I thought I was in the organizing business. You know – file folders, goofy “How-To” videos, eliminating piles, teaching time management, creating flow charts and documenting processes. And then the Universe upped the stakes – and

Part of my mission at Your Organized Guide (even from way back to 2003 when I started Mattson Business Services, Inc.), my goal was to help my clients get out of overwhelm.  Months ago, I wrote about overwhelm and

If you google the word “productivity” you’ll get a gazzillion pages of advice. Interestingly, though, I found that the secret to being very productive isn’t on many of those pages. In fact, it isn’t about doing more, better –

Seriously, I hate technology! I know it’s supposed to make our lives easier, but I find it makes things more complicated. All things in moderation. I love my label maker and it definitely servers a purpose, but perfect labels

Otherwise known as Angie’s Top 10 Favorite Sayings About Getting Organized! 1.      Your brain is not for remembering 2.    It is easier to keep up than to catch up 3.     Two minutes now saves hours later 4.    Getting organized

You’ve been stewing over that organization issue, fussing because some process just isn’t working, or at a loss as to how to systematize a particular area of your business. Ah, procrastination! We procrastinate because we are avoiding. What are

With a nod to one of my favorite blogs of all time and to the author, Leo Babauta, let’s talk about the art of simplicity! Leo defines the Four Laws of Simplicity as: 1. Collect – bring it all