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I’m back! Honestly, though, I’m back physically, but mentally I’m somewhere else entirely. In case you’re new here or you hadn’t heard, I just finished a 17 day, 225 mile, self-supported rafting trip in the Grand Canyon with 16

I confess: I’m a total coffee snob. It’s gotten so bad that I can’t even stomach gas station or diner-type coffee anymore. Mediocre. Drinkable, maybe. But completely not worth it. Now, I go all out. Organic, fair-trade beans. Organic

So today I read that rapid toggling between tasks is a bad thing (and even anticipating having to do this is bad). What exactly is “rapid toggling between tasks?” Attending a networking event, listening to a speaker, and checking

I live in Charlotte, NC and one of the biggest things that happens here each spring is the Wells Fargo Championship Golf Tournamet. And every single year, the “buzz” builds as we wait (breathlessly, I might add) to see

You may or may not know that I’m already a published author – I’ve written dozens of business and travel articles for various publications over the years. The missing link has been my sitting down to finally write a

Yesterday I had a conversation with a business owner that I’ve known for several years. Her business is growing, her team is A+, and she is very optimistic about the future. And yet…she called for my help. Not because

I was thumbing through Inc. Magazine recently when their Data Bank numbers caught my eye. “Fifty-one percent of business owners worry about losing clients.” This particular statistic jumped out at me because of a client meeting I have coming

I don’t know about where you live, but here in Charlotte, NC, it sure feels like spring already. My car is coated in yellow pollen The windows in the house have been open for several weeks My seedlings are

Day in and day out, the dogs in my house know what is important: Eat Sleep Poop Beg (or at least do one heck of a job reminding us owners that they haven’t eaten recently) Why is it that