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If you said the opposite of play is work, I’d like you to hold that thought. This weekend Nelson and I explored the miles of forests and rivers around our new home. We discovered (for a second time) Gorges

This weekend was a weekend to push me out of my comfort zone – WAY out. Specifically, it pushed me about 40 feet out. Here’s the deal: Ever since Nelson and I met, we’ve talked about wanting to live

Let’s cut right to the exciting part – today is “M” and it stands for: MANIFESTO It’s taken me awhile this fall to pull together statements, advice, and thoughts on what I believe. My very talented friend Jenni (from

You can guess what “B” stands for, can’t you? Yup – “B” is for BUSY. It’s the breath you take right after someone asks, “So, how are you?” It’s the breath you take right before you reflexively say, “I’m

“You know what you should do. You’re just not doing it.” This was said without a trace of sarcasm by the powerful Jeffrey Gitomer (author of The Little Red Book of Selling). Right before he said this, he also

If orange is the new black, are you running your business like a prison? A week or two ago, I was listening to NPR. They were interviewing the author of the book (and now TV seires) called Orange is

I’m always fascinated by studies that explain why we do what we do. And yesterday morning’s radio segment about our various electronics devices didn’t disappoint. In my work with you, I routinely ask you to turn off all the

Since I’ve gotten back from my trip, I’ve been in major clean out mode. And if you’ve been reading these notes from me for any amount of time, you might be asking yourself, “What else does she have to

Yesterday, I was sorting through quite a backlog of snail mail. Lots of junk, too many credit card offers (feh!), and a bill or two. My favorite part of the mail is getting magazines. I don’t subscribe to many,