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20 Truths about How to Stay Organized – An essential guide for anyone in business! The point of getting organized shouldn’t be to “fit more in” – this goes for clothes, tasks, files, or email. Organizing just for the

Carolyn is an overwhelmed small business owner.  She’s juggling a dozen clients who each have specific needs, deadlines, and expectations. Unfortunately, Carolyn hasn’t ever sat down to prioritize her client list. I know, I know – “My clients are

Jean is a firecracker of a woman – smart, funny, and really damn good at her job. She’s filled with gratitude to be able to work because an illness a few years ago made her so sick she could

Everyone is writing about setting goals and resolutions for 2010. As an organization and productivity expert, I can’t help but chime in on this! Over and over I see business professionals struggling to stay organized; to manage the e-mails

Ok, so I’m going to admit something that often gets me in trouble with clients and my family (mostly my mom). I have a couple of very specific opinions about “family heirlooms” stuff and they go something like this:

I’m going through a process in my business right now that I’m expanding to teach to my clients. It goes something like this: I’m too busy. I’m working a ton, but not quite billing enough hours. I need to

Cheap crap - in the form of fun, stuff, and food - is readily available. But buying cheap crap has hidden consequences in the form of wasting our natural resources, perpetuating bad labor practices, and ultimately, forcing our children

In order to effectively create an organizational structure, routine, or process, you must first listen. A couple of guidelines will set the foundation for proper order - and then the organizational process will flow.

For a small business to run smoothly, it's worth the business owner's time to create systems, processes, and routines for each daily, weekly, and monthly action.