Organizing rules

Organizing rules

Organizing Rules. How do you read that statement?

Did you read it hoping I’m going to address, “10 Organizing rules to help you be more organized, which may result in your being smarter and sexier in every area or your life!”

Or… Do you read it the way I intended: Organizing RULES! As in, organization is awesome! It’s rad! And you should definitely try it on for size. And buy the T-shirt (no, really, I’m getting some T-shirts made).

Because I think if you’re willing to try it, organization really does rule.

Here’s what I mean:

  • Getting organized often leads to simplifying. Simplifying also RULES!
  • The habit of staying organized is pretty easy. (Now, the act of getting organized…let’s not go there right now. Let’s focus on rad, awesome, and easy.) Stay organized, feel awesome!
  • The act of using organization is awesome. I mean, you know exactly where to look for things and – OH EM GEE – like, there they are!
  • Your friends and family will judge you positively for being organized. But a note of caution: don’t be TOO organized because then your friends and family will judge you for being ummm…rigid, uptight, anal-retentive or some other less-than-flattering term. I mean really, it was just a few labels on my flour and sugar containers. Then I knew what was what with just a glance. *Ahem. I digress.*
  • Being organized puts you into an elite club. Not everyone is organized. But when people discover you are, they go, “Ooooh, I wish I was as organized as you!” And that feels pretty darn awesome.
  • And finally, getting organized actually can make you smarter and sexier. For instance, if you’re organized, you can spend less time looking for things and more time reading (smarter). If you’re organized, you can spend less time moving files around and more time working out to achieve your ultimate bikini bod (or ultimate Speedo bod. Hey, I don’t judge). Sexier, right? I mean, spring is here, so summer is just around the corner. Get moving there, flabby cheeks!

I hope I’ve made the case that organizing RULES! It’s rad and awesome and I encourage you to give it a try today.

Not sure what to organize first?

Here’s my suggestion: see that container full of pens on your desk? I bet half of them don’t work and most of them you don’t like to write with anyway. Gather up all the ones that don’t work and throw them away. Take all the ones you hate and leave them all around the office at other people’s desks. Or leave them at your favorite restaurant (they always needs pens at those places).

See? Now you have just a few pens you love – and they work! Awesomely simple.

Rad. My work here is done.

Make some room,


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