Talk is cheap (Day 15 of 31 Days of Organizing)

Talk is cheap (Day 15 of 31 Days of Organizing)

I was reminded recently about a marketing study on laundry detergent where researchers discovered something amazing about people: feeling clean was more important to people than being clean.

As long as their laundry detergent made their clothes look and feel clean, people were happy. They didn’t even care about scientific studies that showed one detergent actually got clothes cleaner. If the detergent didn’t make clothes smell better and/or feel better, people didn’t want the more effective detergent no matter what!

In other words: appearances matter.

Here’s the deal – you might be the best at what you do. Brilliant. But if your client walks into your office space and it’s cluttered, she’s going to judge you.

Here’s another deal – you might always meet deadlines and get your deliverables to your client on time, but if you consistently miss appointments or arrive a few minutes late each time, your clients will notice (and judge you).

Your clients are hiring you for your expertise. They genuinely want you to be the expert and to feel like YOU are in control of each of your interactions together. To take leadership of the process as a whole (and you know, make things look good and … uh… smell good…as much as possible).

Let me ask you a very different question: if your clients could pull back the curtain and see how you handle your business (and their information) would they be impressed…or would they see some disturbingly dirty laundry?

I say, “Talk is cheap.” It’s time to walk the talk and clean up your business so it looks good on the outside and on the inside.

If you’ve been saying forever that it’s time to get yourself organized, to set up better systems (or any systems) in your business, and if you’ve been lamenting how “busy” you are (but don’t feel like you’re very productive), it’s time to stop talking about it.

You’ve admired the problem long enough. It’s time for action.

It’s time to:

  • Stop admiring your lack of organization
  • Quit talking about how “busy” you are and actually get some important stuff done
  • Take action and make decisions with integrity in every area, professionally and personally
  • Up your business game (not just improve your game-face)
  • Make some room for things that matter – in your business AND your life

It’s ON! Will you accept my challenge?

Make Some Room,


P.S. When you’re ready to up your game by getting organized, working and living with integrity, and focusing on your right work, I can help.

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